October 2, 2023 - Monday
Basic Tenets


We believe that:

-         Our services will be a way toward the promotion of our society, economy & industries, which will lead to the welfare of the members of the society.

-         Our company’s progress is due to the superior quality & innovativeness & creativity of the services.

We believe in some important features & principles in offering services:

-         Our staffs are considered as the most valuable human resources.

-         Our ultimate goal is not gaining profits, (although it should not be overlooked), but we just consider it as a gateway toward more significant goals.

-         We have our special & particular way of work and we attempt to maintain it.


Our commitments to some ethics enlighten our way & guide us toward success:

-         To be excellent in all aspects either mentally or practically

-         To have commitments to the ethics & some spiritual features & considering them in all domains

-         Considering innovativeness & creativity as an important factor in all services, & trying for maintaining it

-         Feeling social responsibility for the homeland & all members of the society


These beliefs, values and ethics are determining the policy of our company; the way we behave and the way we communicate with the clients, producers & suppliers of the equipment & utilities & those who are active in the industry section& those who provide services for the human beings.